Top class back-to-school keepsake ideas!

Back To School Blog

Phew! You’ve made it through the summer holidays, the summer diaries have been filled in (or maybe you’re getting around to that tomorrow!), the class teddy has been on more adventures than he can count and your little one can’t believe that school is just around the corner!

We’ve got so many reasons to get excited about the beginning of term, so whip out your new pencil case – it’s time to take note of these lovely keepsake ideas!

  • One for the album – surely the first day of the school year has got to start with a photo! Why not get creative with a balloon decorated with your little one’s school year or a chalkboard message they can hold up.
  • Ask your little one to write their name and school year and snap a picture to send to us! We can engrave handwriting onto keyrings, wallet cards and all kinds of jewellery keepsakes for you to cherish. Check out our Engraved Handwriting Collection below for more ideas!
Stainless Steel Handwriting Cufflinks
  • First day nerves can be a big deal, why not tuck a note or a favourite toy into your little one’s coat pocket or lunch box. A sweet boost to let them know you are thinking of them all day.
  • Take your little one’s hand or foot prints on their first day back to school with one of our Magic Inkless Print Kits. These clever kits are non-toxic, mess free and super easy to use! From your prints we can engrave onto so many gorgeous keepsakes in our collection and celebrate the day with your little one’s name and school year engraved too.
Sterling Silver Engraved Wallet Card With Prints (2 Children – 2 Prints each)
  • Download some fun printable medals for your little one to wear on their way home from school! ‘You did it!’ ‘I had a great first day of school’ ‘I rocked the first day of school’
  • Celebrate Mama life! They’re growing up so fast but they will always be your little one. Our ‘This Mummy Belongs To…’ range is a gorgeous way to keep your sweethearts close while they’re at school. Personalised with your child’s name or initials.
Rose Gold Vermeil Engraved Necklace – ‘This Mummy Belongs To…’
  • Get creative with our Create Your Own range, if your little one (or not so little one) has a big year ahead of them why not create a gift to give them at the end of term or after an important test with a personalised message and their school year. You will always believe they can do it and a thoughtful surprise might be just what they need to get through the term.
Create Your Own - Gift Earrings
  • Celebrate the day with the whole family, our On This Day keyring and cufflinks are perfect for capturing a special date and make a lovely gift for proud grandparents.
Stainless Steel Engraved 'On This Day' Keyring