The Purr-fect Print Jewellery


Step 1: For best results, we recommend using one of our Magic Inkless Print Kits. We can also work from pre existing prints and photos.

Step 2: Add any personalised text you would like on your product.

Step 3: Our team will work their magic creating your order!

Step 4: Sit back and relax as your purr-fect paw print piece makes its way to you.

*Our print engravings are created with our laser engraving machine, which achieves a deep engraving onto the silver. This process leaves a temporary dark patina on the engraved area (from the lasering process), but this will fade through wear or when polished, to reveal the etched silver underneath.


Taking prints is quick, easy and mess free with our Magic Inkless Print Kits!

If you are looking to engrave a loved one’s hand, foot or paw print onto any of our beautiful keepsake range we would always recommend using one of our clever, mess-free kits!

With the option of grey, pink or blue, each kit includes two sheets of specially coated paper as well as a non-toxic towelette, ideal for taking one hand or foot print per sheet for adults or several prints per sheet for younger children and pets.