Stainless Steel Engraved Keyring With Paw Prints

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Step 1: Would you like one of our Magic Inkless Print Kits? *

We recommend one of our clever, mess-free print kits! Once you receive your kit and take prints, simply post them back to us or take a photo of the print results which you can email to us at studio@thelittlekeepsakecompany.co.uk

Step 2: Would you like to upload your prints now?

If your photo is larger than 2MB please place your order without an upload and then email your prints with your name and order number to studio@thelittlekeepsakecompany.co.uk

Step 3: Personalised engraving to the top line

Step 4: Personalised engraving to the bottom line

Step 5: Add a engraved text to the back of the keyring? (+£2.00)

Step 5: Would you like to add an anti-tarnish polishing cloth? *

We recommend regularly using an anti-tarnish cloth to clean and polish your keyring to keep it looking beautiful and shiny.