Our Team

Our friendly team is based at our TLKC studio in Cornwall, just outside Mullion for those of you who might know the lovely The Lizard Peninsula!  We are very lucky to have a beautiful view to the sea from our studio window to keep us inspired while we’re busy creating orders.

We are a small, tight knit team of production assistants, jewellery makers, engraving machinists, computer whizzes, designers, marketeers and customer service extraordinaires!  We love to eat cake (all varieties, we won’t discriminate), have a giggle as we work and get very excited when we see a sneak peek of new product designs!

Let’s put the kettle on and introduce ourselves properly…

Nat “Coffee please! My mug is here somewhere…”

Nat is the creative heart of TLKC, she founded the business in 2014 when she began making her own jewellery from silver clay. The business has been growing rapidly ever since and now she’s in charge of developing exciting new product ranges, our advertising and working closely with our suppliers.

Steve “Oh go on, you’ve twisted my arm… coffee please”

Nat’s husband Steve came on board to help her with admin and marketing as the business quickly took off. Steve is our pick-line perfectionist and king of the warehouse, making sure all your orders are picked, packed and on their way to you in the post on the double!

Jade “Oooh I’ll take a coffee too please!”

Jade joined TLKC right from the start when the business was based at Nat & Steve’s family home. A graphic design guru, marketing maverick and customer services extraordinaire; Jade keeps all the plates spinning and never gets annoyed with our continual barrage of questions (or at least she’s very good at never letting us notice!).

Jess “Phew that’s a big round! Here I’ll give you a hand…”

Jess is one of our newest additions to the crew and has slotted right in at the heart of our customer services team. If you are calling through to the office, chances are it will be the lovely Jess who greets you with a friendly smile! With a background in publishing, Jess is brilliantly organised and a fantastic problem solver. She works closely with Jade to make sure we quickly resolve all customer queries, big or small.

Donna “Here’s my cup, I’ll always say yes to a tea!”

Donna has been a big part of the Keepsake Crew from the very early days, she first joined the team after meeting Nat & Steve at her little one’s school gates. Donna knows the TLKC range inside and out, she’s worked across nearly every department and is always the person to ask about… well nearly everything!

Laura “Ooh yes please, I’d love a coffee…”

Laura joined the team in the run up to Christmas last year, our busiest time in the office, and she’s hit the ground running ever since! Laura never loses her cool, has a smile for everyone and is our resident thrill seeker, coming into the office most mornings after a daily dip in the sea or a harbour wall jump! She works closely with Donna and Laonni to make sure every engraved item is crafted with a lot of love and care.

Laonni “Yes please, I’ll take a tea!”

Laonni joined us early this year but it feels much longer because she fits in like a glove… or perhaps like a sterling silver ball slider bracelet! Having recently graduated from her degree in Events Management, Laonni is always in the right place at the right time to lend a helping hand and is a whizz when it comes to designing our bespoke quote cards and baby scan print artworks.

Cyan “Mmmm yes please I’ll have a tea… or maybe a hot chocolate!”

Cyan is our newest recruit but you wouldn’t know it! She’s fitted straight in with the busy warehouse team, making sure every order is on it’s way to you quickly. Cyan is our resident singer, she’s always making us giggle and keeping the team upbeat!

Nath “Oh yes, tea please…”

Nath is a complete computer whizz and as our in-house web developer he’s in charge of all things online – including our lovely new look website! Nath works closely with Nat & Steve as part of our marketing team and has lots of exciting projects in the pipeline to make the TLKC experience even better!

Trish “Oooh coffee please, I’ll grab the biscuits!”

Trish joined the team alongside Laura last year and is now working closely with Nat on all things marketing magic! She loves it when customers send cute photos of their doggos alongside their engraved paw print jewellery! Trish has a background in design, illustration & marketing is very excited to bring you lots of exciting TLKC newness very soon…

If we haven’t scared you off yet and you fancy joining our lovely Keepsake Crew, you can check our Careers page for current vacancies and how to get in touch.

You can also get to know the team even more over on the TLKC Journal! Keep an eye out for monthly blog posts where you can find out the team’s favourite Keepsake products, an inside view of how we create your orders… and how we like our tea of course!