Gifts full of magic tricks!

Our clever studio team must be magicians, they can turn your little ones handprints into beautiful jewellery for Mama to wear!

Have fun making hand and foot prints with all the family using our Magic Inkless Print Kits and we can engrave an exact likeness of the results onto a huge range of beautiful sterling silver jewellery and Keepsake gifts!

Our Magic Inkless Print Kits have made taking detailed hand and foot prints so fast, simple and best of all – mess free!

Each kit contains a special wipe and coated paper that magically react together on contact, resulting in a detailed grey print which is perfect for our studio team to engrave from. Our Print Kits are non toxic and safe for use on even the most delicate skin.

If you’re planning on giving Mum a specially engraved gift this Mother’s Day, be sure to order your Magic Inkless Print Kits as soon as possible to ensure there is enough time to return your prints to us for engraving!

Mothering Sunday is 22nd March and we have an entire collection of sterling silver, rose and yellow gold jewellery which can be engraved with hand and foot prints! Why not check out some of our favourite Engraved Hand & Foot Print Keepsakes below…